The tradition of Arnad

The processing and preservation typical of lard represent for Arnad a centuries-old tradition. A 1763 inventory document of the Castle that overlooks the village of “Ville”, the ancient center of Arnad, testifies to the presence of four doïl, chestnut containers used for the traditional aging in brine. The typical processing of lard is mainly due to the wise use of mountain aromas, this feature has always represented the perfect balance between production and territory. Even today, in fact, rosemary, laurel, sage and all the other herbs necessary for traditional processing are grown and harvested in the Bassa Valle territory. The Bertolin Company alone directly produces seven quintals of rosemary a year, and the entire cleaning phase of the aromas is done entirely by hand.





The collection and cleaning of spices and aromas is not the only phase in the production chain of Bertolin brand products to be carried out by hand, peeling potatoes and beets for the realization of “boudin”, in addition to garlic peeling , to the stratification of the lard, to the aromatization of the same inside the doil, they are performed exclusively by expert people respecting the traditional customs.
The ritual of lard – The processing of lard, in a wider context, is part of what we can define the “ritual” of the slaughter of the pig, an important event for the local population that still keeps alive the tradition in the succession of the various and complex phases of cutting, cutting and preparation for seasoning and conservation.


The killing of the pig, which sees more people, friends and relatives involved in a common effort, traditionally takes place between Christmas and Saint Anthony, the day before the slaughtering the spices for the lard are prepared, the doil cleaned, the boiled potatoes and beets for the realization of the boudin and soaked the guts for sausages. The following day the animal is sectioned and the various parts are skilfully worked according to the product to be obtained, the meat for the cured meats is ground, spiced and stuffed, the shoulder instead, the part with which the lard is produced, is clean from bristles and grease.


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