The “Caluso Passito” DOC is the most typical wine of north west Piedmont area. The fame of this “enological gem of green Canavese” is the result of the scrupulous and passionate application, handed down and refined over the centuries, of the drying of Erbaluce grapes on wooden mats.
With it starting from four quintals of very selected grapes, one can obtain, at the end of aging, about one hectoliter of wine.

These, as soon as they are ripe, are collected and placed in large and low baskets, brought to the drying rooms, they will be placed on the mats. In this way, the drying process begins, which will last until mid-February. With it you reach concentrations in excess of 30% in sugars.
When the grapes have finished, the grapes are vinified normally and pressed. Then a slow fermentation phase begins in 350 l. Oak barrels, which lasts a few months. An aging for another four years, five for the reserve, will give the wine the final characteristics. Thus began his life, because the Caluso Passito offers satisfactions to the palate even after many years, some decades.
The taster recognizes in this wine the essences of peach, orange, bergamot, tobacco scent, honey, dried fig, acacia, cyclamen and tough hazelnut. Match with dry desserts, but above all meditation wine.



When you are looking for a special wine to accompany an after meal, a moment of relaxation with a cigar, this is the moment to fill the glass with a Caluso passito, a wine that gently enters your lips and infuses you with all the aromas the scents of the earth and flowers, a wine rich in sugar and warmth. A not usual wine, a pearl of Piedmont production. Come and taste it!


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