“Sardinia, authentic expression of culture mediterranea , jealously guards its untouched nature, rich of scents and colours and still preserves its ancient traditions in which warmth and hospitality will buy the flavor of unique products. The ancient culture of this island is expressed completely in this great cheese DOP and through it becomes sublime art to bring to the table to find out the memory through the taste. “

Pecorino Sardo is one of the oldest in Sardinia and cheeses has a long history, rooted in the times of the Nuraghic population: population dedicated to sheep farming rather than agriculture.

At the time of the Carthaginians, and then the Romans, Sardinia became a major grain production centers of the Mediterranean. So the Woods left place to the grain, but also in the pasture, which spread quickly due to special and favourable climatic and environmental conditions of the island where natural meadows, covered by a varied and rich bushy vegetation represented then, just like today, a very important source of food for sheep bred on the island.

fase del processo: stagionatura

The first accurate historical information about ancient origins of Pecorino Sardo DOP date back to the late ‘ 700. The cheeses mentioned were called whites, reds, the smoked, the cutter and the Spiatatu. Among them, the Red and the Smoked may be considered the progenitors of Pecorino. These cheeses were made from raw milk or milk heated with red-hot stones immersevi to do this.

Over the centuries the working techniques are refined and traditional teachings as they merged with new and more innovative practices of transformation. Between the end of 800 and the beginning of ‘ 900 also spread to new production methods: he introduced the use of the thermometer, the filtration of milk, the use of liquid rennet titrated. Thanks to modern machinery and technological innovations were later significantly improved the hygienic conditions of transformation were rationalized heat treatments, the timing and modalities of seeds cooking the curd, the use of implants natural lactic acid bacteria and rennet. And that by reason of the fact that new and larger markets that opened up the horizon, required safe products from the point of view of sanitation, with organoleptic qualities that are defined and easy convenience.


For this reason, starting from the years ‘ 60, there has been a continual refinement of technology characteristic Sardinian Pecorino production which, in full and more comprehensive than the teachings of tradition, up to the present day.

The Red Smoked Up and still live.




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