Let me introduce myself

My name is Grana Padano. There is no other “grain” but me and only I can call me that.

That is why my name should always be pronounced in full: Grana Padano.
But you know, when there is distinguished by its quality, when you become known and appreciated throughout the world, and when they are really many people call you, it happens that your name becomes a definition and is used to refer to an entire genre of products.
However, I believe in the importance of names in their distinctive feature. That’s why I really care for my name, and the fact that is respected, because in it there is all my history, from the distant origins, until the most recent decades where it became the emblem of my features: unique, unmistakable, inimitable.

How to make sure that it’s really me?

Recognize me at first sight is easy: each of my forms is characterized by marks of origin and selection.
If there are, then it’s not me.
These brands are my unique personal figure and I differ from any other product on the market.
Prove my qualities, my origin and my nature of “cheese”.


Who do I taste I often buy in smaller portions.
However, the marks are there anyway, and all well recognizable. Even so, if there’s them, not me.

  • The reproduction of the logo Grana Padano in black on yellow field on the packages of cheese in slices or grated certifies that the cheese was regularly burned.
  • Also, in particular, the logo also attests that the grating operations were performed in the production area, as required by the production regulation and regulations D.P.C.M. 4.11.199
  • The same goes for the packages that contain the specific logos of “Grana Padano, over 16 months” and “reserve, over 20 months.”
  • On the packaging of Grana Padano cheese in chunks and grated D.O.P. logo shall appear, the European Union defined specific marking marking products with a protected designation of origin


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